LED Lighting by Baja Designs

A scientific approach to lighting by Baja Designs

Baja Designs was founded over 25 years ago in California, USA by off-road, racing and overland enthusiasts.

All Baja Designs products are made in San Diego using the most advanced technology and highest quality components.

From the very beginning, the founders of Baja Designs based their strategy on a scientific approach to the lighting problem. They revolutionized both the issue of planning and equipping the vehicle with auxiliary lighting as well as the functional aspects.

LED Lighting by Baja Designs - Professional lighting Go4x4

Baja 1000

Founder and chief engineer of Baja Designs, Alan Roach has won virtually every Baja 1000 series race on both motorcycle and ATV.

Today, virtually all of the race vehicles in the famous Baja 1000 are equipped with BD LED lighting, and the Baja Design team are called “lighting scientists”.

The experience gained from racing the Baja 1000 has created products that are rugged, reliable, able to withstand extreme weather conditions, and easy to service.

Not only Jeep

Baja Designs offers products and dedicated kits for enduro and adventure motorcycles, ATVs (like the Can Am Maveric X3), and Ford, Dodge, GMC vehicles. The lights and kits integrate seamlessly with the vehicle’s factory installations or dedicated wiring harnesses.

Go4x4 authorized dealer for Baja Designs

Choosing a manufacturer of lighting that we want to offer to our customers was quite simple: we established a partnership with a brand of products that the Go4x4 team has been using privately for years. No other manufacturer’s products met our expectations and the market lacked products that were durable, easy to service, and above all, safe for the factory installation and the battery in the vehicle.

After many trials with lamps from other manufacturers (sometimes difficult to identify) and considerable sums spent on all-around lamps offering (usually only on the box) fantastic technical parameters, it turned out that the lamp shines everywhere but least where it should, is very good at illuminating water particles or dust in front of the vehicle, brilliantly reducing the already poor visibility. And after a few months on the car looks like it is 10 years old: the lens is dull, the paint is peeling, and of the million LEDs, a few will never light up again. The whole thing quite controversially “decorates” our beautiful Jeep being a proof that sometimes savings are only apparent.

LED Lighting by Baja Designs - Professional lighting Go4x4


A noteworthy (perhaps not the most important) feature of Baja Design products is the ability to extend the life of a lamp by changing its purpose or function. With the uService program, we can move our “precious” investment to another location if our needs change. We can remove the lamp from the old vehicle and put it on the new one while changing its function or simply have 2-3 in one, for example using the lamps as a Driving Combo one day to change the lens and with the “old-new” spot go to a rally.

Many of our Baja Design private lighting kits are 6-8 years old, the housing may no longer have the shine of a new lamp but the function and quality of light remain the same.

Full spare parts availability

We offer all our customers the same level of service and warranty that Baja provides to customers in the USA. We offer lens service kits, replacement plugs, harnesses and mounting hardware on a regular basis.

60 months warranty

All Baja Designs LED lights come with a door-to-door warranty with replacement in 1-2 business days. The lamps are covered by a 60-month warranty and the Onx6 and LP 6/9 Pro models by a lifetime warranty.

Daniel Wilczak, CEO Go4x4

LED Lighting by Baja Designs - Professional lighting Go4x4

Technology and patented solutions from Baja Designs

Warranty 60 months – this covers the first owner and excludes mechanical damage.

uService® – self-replacement of lenses and seals

ClearView® – each lamp designed by a team of engineers to perform a specific function. Lenses and reflectors are computer designed and tested in the lab

MoistureBlock™ – All lamps are fully water and dust resistant (IP69K). They can also be submerged to a depth of 2.5m.

CopperDrive® – the only LED lamps on the market that are designed for continuous operation at maximum power

5000K Daylight – natural color light prevents eye fatigue.

Lenses: made of coated and durable polycarbonate

Lamp housing: made of anodized aluminum and powder coated

Frame: CNC-cut from aluminum with special groove for O-ring seal

Mounting kit and screws: stainless steel

Built-In Overvoltage Protection protects lamp components in case of unexpected voltage increase

B.M.T. a unique battery protection system. The lamp power is gradually reduced when the voltage starts dropping below 13.5V without dimming or blinking. In addition, an intelligent short circuit protection system protects the vehicle installation

IK10 – the highest impact resistance

Baja Designs ClearviewLight Zones

LED Lighting by Baja Designs - Professional lighting Go4x4

Each Baja Designs lamp is designed for a specific function:


Spot Lens: The main beam of light has 9° spot coverage (Zone 4) – the best configuration for fast night driving. The range of spot lights allows for confident driving at higher speeds and illuminates a specific spot in front of the vehicle, such as where the winch cable is attached.

Racer Edition

The lenses of the racing versions(Racer – Hyper Spot) ensure that the beam is even more focused (Zone 5) and allows driving at speeds well over 150 km/h. The Racer Series LED lights are the only lights that can be mounted on the roof.

Work and expedition lighting

Work/Scene lens light beam has 120° coverage around the vehicle (Zone 7) best configuration as a work light, camping light and for maneuvering in rough terrain.

Turn signal illumination

Wide Cornering Lens: the light beam has 42° coverage around the vehicle (Zone 2) and is cut off at the top – the best configuration for driving in dusty or foggy conditions. The lamps do not cover Zone 2 and are an ideal complement to the fog lights.

Driving Combo

Driving Combo lens: the main beam has 42° coverage around the vehicle (Zone 3) and 9° spot (Zone 4) – best configuration for night driving as a supplement to factory lighting.

Fog lights

Dust/Fog lens: the light beam has 42° coverage around the vehicle (Zone 1) and is cut off at the top – the best configuration for driving in dusty or foggy conditions. They work great as a replacement for factory lighting.

Reversing lights

Backup (Zone 8) lenses are recommended as supplemental lighting for reversing and maneuvering over difficult terrain. The light focus is slightly larger horizontally (about 100°) than the Work/Scene lamps and a clear cutoff of the light beam vertically. This configuration allows the lights to be mounted close to the pavement, even under the bumper.

Under vehicle and service lighting

It is also worth mentioning the Zone 6(Rock/Dome) lights – they have a double role: they illuminate the space directly in the area where the tire meets the ground, making it easier for the spotter to pilot the vehicle, and they are an indispensable aid for repairs in “field” conditions. These lights can also be mounted under the hood to make it easier to service the engine, for example. The lamps are available as single light points or as sets dedicated to a particular vehicle. Various colors are available. They can also be used as show lighting.

For most lamps it is possible to change the function by buying another lens. More about uService below.

Baja Designs uService – fix it yourself

LED Lighting by Baja Designs - Professional lighting Go4x4

Baja Designs lights are designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Sometimes, however, there is no way to avoid contact between the lamp and an obstacle or stone shot from under the tire of the preceding vehicle. The engineers at Baja Designs developed each LED lamp so that you can replace a damaged lens, bezel, gasket or reflector yourself.

An investment for years – change the function or color of the lamp

LED Lighting by Baja Designs - Professional lighting Go4x4

For each lamp model a service kit is available that also allows you to change the lamp from Spot to Driving/Combo or Work so that you can move the lamp to another location or mount it on another vehicle. Kits are available for a small percentage of the cost of the entire lamp to

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