Teraflex is one of the best manufacturers of Jeep suspensions, shocks and accessories. Their products perfectly combine outstanding off-road performance with perfect handling on paved surfaces. All components are perfectly aligned thanks to advanced engineering and … the passion of the Teraflex team.

Every component is designed to enhance both performance on the toughest terrain and to give a sense of confidence and comfort during everyday use.

Teraflex Accessories is a range of products for active, adventure loving Jeep vehicle owners. Anyone who wants to spend free time with their family, and in everyday life use their Jeep as an ordinary vehicle, which has to safely move its driver and passengers from A to B.

“My favorite thing about Jeeping is that it can be a wholesome family activity that exposes people to all the natural wonders and earth’s beauty. We live in an amazing region of the country; Jeeps help us explore without fear of getting stranded.”

Mark Falkner
CEO, Founder and Owner of TeraFlex

The reliable suspension of the Teraflex ST-Series

Zawieszenie serii ST to najlepszy wybór dla wszystkich, którzy oczekują absolutnie najlepszego prowadzenia Jeepa na co dzień. W odróżnieniu od innych zestawów, przy projektowaniu zawieszenia ST, inżynierowie Teraflex postawili sobie pozornie wykluczające się założenia: bezpieczeństwo, przewidywalność i komfort w użytkowaniu codziennym oraz znacznie zwiększone możliwości w terenie. Wszystkie elementy zawieszenia są tak dobrane, aby współdziałały harmonijnie, niezawodnie i nie obciążały fabrycznych komponentów. Stąd nazwa ST: “Street & terrain”.

The key component, of course, is the springs and shock absorbers.

Teraflex, jako pierwszy producent na rynku wprowadził do swoich zestawów zawieszenia sprężyny dual i triple rate specjalnie dostrojone do konkretnej wersji Jeepa. Dodatkowo sprężyny są zaprojektowane dla konkretnego koła. Część miękka sprężyny pozostaje ściśnięta podczas jazdy po utwardzonych drogach zapewniając stabilność i pewność prowadzenia. Fragment o średniej twardości dba o komfort na nawierzchniach o gorszej jakości. Z kolei po wjechaniu w teren, miękka część sprężyny pozwala na swobodny ruch osi dla maksymalnego kontaktu z nawierzchnią. Najtwardsza część odpowiada za stabilność przy mocno obciążonym pojeździe. Sprężyny zostały także zaprojektowane z uwzględnieniem cięższych kół, znacznie poprawiając komfort jazdy w stosunku do fabrycznego zawieszenia Jeepa.

The other equally important suspension component is the shock absorbers. Teraflex began manufacturing its own oil shock absorbers under the Falcon Shocks brand a few years ago. For many years, Teraflex suspensions were equipped with dampers from other manufacturers, but this limited the ability to fine tune the suspension to achieve the desired characteristics. Teraflex engineers have suggested several manufacturers make special versions of existing dampers to meet the needs of Teraflex suspensions. However, this solution was rejected by other manufacturers:

“It doesn’t make economic sense to manufacture shock absorbers for a handful of enthusiasts. Jeep users have to accept other imperfections in their vehicles anyway. They are coming to terms with the shortcomings of standard shock absorbers.”

Teraflex engineers, however, stuck to their guns and after more than a year of concept development, hundreds of test drives, and thousands of hours of testing, presented a completely new approach to off-road shock absorbers. As a result, we have the option to choose from 3 main product lines:

  • Falcon 1 Series – reinforced, oil-filled shocks sharing most solutions with “big brothers”
  • Falcon Series 2 – regulated with SP2 system, virtually no major differences from Series 3 except for external oil tanks
  • Falcon 3 series – equipped with the SP2 pre-regulation system as standard, available in manual (Falcon 3.3) or automatic (3.5) and non-regulated variants.

All Falcon shocks are tuned to the characteristics of the Teraflex springs. Kits for Jeep Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT come in two lengths: for factory or slightly raised suspension (up to 1.5″) and for lifts 2″ – 4.5″.

Falcon Shocks’ latest product is Series 3 shocks modified specifically for the plug-in hybrid versions of the Jeep Wrangler JL 4Xe and Jeep Gladiator JT EcoDiesel. Slightly shortened front shock oil reservoir provides adequate distance from engine hardware.

The 3.3 and 3.5 series shocks have been designed specifically for Extended Travel kits with an extended stem.

The final key component of Teraflex lift-kits from 3.5″ are the front control arm and rear Panhard rod relocations, designed to address unstable handling with the raised suspension installed.

Relocating the control arms ensures that the correct front suspension geometry is restored – setting the correct angle of stub axle advance. The angle should be min. 5 degrees and its incorrect values are one of the most frequent causes of lack of steering precision, “skidding” of the car on the road and unintentional changes of direction.

Relocating the rear Panhard rod mount is one of the most commonly overlooked components in other manufacturers’ suspension kits. Raising the tie rod mounting point is necessary to restore the proper body rotation point – crucial for stabilizing the rear of the vehicle during cornering. The effect of an incorrect body pivot point relative to the axle is most often described by drivers as a feeling of instability and control in corners.

Falcon Shocks

UINTA fastening system from Teraflex

Innovative Nomad wheels


The best off-road wheels on the market, the reinforced construction and special protective coating ensure reliable use under the toughest conditions. Classic yet completely subordinated to functionality, the design is a perfect complement to the equipment of any Jeep. Includes adjustable bleed valves (deflators) that allow one hand movement to deflate the wheels to a preset pressure without damaging the valve. The valve is housed in a housing that is completely protected from damage and contamination, and if the valve itself is damaged, it can even be replaced in the field. Compatible with dedicated modular Nomad Split Rash Ring Kit w/ Hardware (black, red or white): TX-1056012

The wheels are available in 4 versions:

  • Basic Metallic Black – without deflator TX-1056050
  • Basic Titanium Grey – without deflator TX-1056150
  • Deluxe Metallic Black – with deflator TX-1056059
  • Deluxe Titanium Grey – with deflator TX-1056159


  • Cast from hardened aluminum A356-T6
  • Rugged construction designed for tires up to 40″
  • Special profile of the inner rim edges secures and holds the tire in place when driving with low pressure
  • No holes or notches that could collect water
  • Special two-step powder coating process with full UV protection
  • The shape of the arms makes it easy to clean up mud accumulated in the field
  • Modular design allows valve replacement even in the field and mounting of a bleed valve
  • Prepared for mounting the modular guard ring
  • Schrader valve completely covered against damage and dirt
  • Equipped with an adjustable deflator, allowing to set pressure from 0.7 atm

Technical data:

  • Dimensions: 17″ x 8.5″
  • Screw spacing: 5×5″ (127mm)
  • Back Spacing: 4.75″
  • Offset: 00
  • Center bore: 71.5mm
  • Color: Metallic Black or Titanium Grey

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