Baja Designs: S8 Series Straight LED Light Bar

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The latest LED strip from Baja Designs has been upgraded again! Machined aluminum housing, up to 31,750 lumens of clean energy at about 280W/20A consumption, and nearly 50,000 hours of life. The S8 series features high-performance reflectors developed specifically for this model and a honey-colored backlight to highlight its unique character, which acts as an additional daytime running light


Baja Designs’ latest LED light bar comes with a few new perks! Enjoy the clean aluminum frame with 31,750 lumens of pure power, low amp draw of 20 amps, and nearly 50,000 hours of LED life.

The S8 also features high performance, proprietary reflectors, an amber backlit feature, and a unique scalloped housing design. The S8 is backed by our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee and Limited Lifetime Warranty giving you the ultimate in purchase protection!

Lens Patterns and light zones:

A longer and narrower 9-degree beam focus for illumination further down the trail or road. The Spot pattern is designed to be used in conjunction with additional Wide Driving and/or Driving/Combo beam lights. Drive faster and safer off-road with Zone 4 lighting, which is the dedicated LED spot light in our revolutionary Lighting Zone System. This is the zone that begins to move away from your near- and mid-field lighting distances and moves into long-distance lights. Zone 4 is essential when driving at night and allows you to gauge the terrain and spot obstacles for adequate reaction times. As with all of our Lighting Zones at Baja Designs, Zone 4 lighting is a thoughtful combination of these three crucial elements of reliable off-road lighting. Unlike Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3 that are positioned lower on the front of your vehicle, Zone 4 is mounted higher — either on the A-pillar or on the roofline. This placement ensures that the glare from particulates, fog and dust are reduced. Zone 4 LED spot lights should only be used when absolutely necessary to reduce power consumption and vision fatigue. Zone 4’s power is determined by the output of your Zone 3 lighting; it should be brighter than Zone 3. We recommend the spot pattern lens for Zone 4 for the tightest beam that will produce less glare.

Racer Edition
This is the Racer Edition Spot light zone. These lights are designed for those that drive in the triple digits of speed off-road, or need to see thousands of feet down the road. Zone 5 lights produce an even tighter pattern than our traditional spots. Before adding lights in Zone 5, we recommend having a well-balanced lighting package in order to avoid separations of spotlights due to this much tighter pattern. Lights in Zone 5 benefit from being placed higher up on your vehicle. As the tighter overall beam from these lights help to negate what would otherwise be a concern of glare coming back into the cab. Avoid mounting Zone 5 lights too low as to not block their overall distance throw caused by rocks and brush close to the vehicle. Try to use these top-mounted lights only when absolutely necessary, to avoid glare from dust and fog, excess power consumption, and eye fatigue.

Work and expedition lighting
Work/Scene: Excellent work light or “scene light” with an extremely smooth 120° circle that projects about 40ft. This pattern is not suitable for on-road driving.

Wide cornering
The Wide Driving pattern offers a 42-degree flattened horizontal beam for the ultimate in comfort lighting. This pattern is specifically for cornering, dust, snow, rain, and/or fog conditions.

Driving Combo
The driving combo is the core zone that you will build your lighting package around and will determine how your other zones will be tuned. This is especially true for high-performance off-road lighting. Lights in Zone 3 are typically in the center of the vehicle, either on the bumper on in the grill. In general, we suggest 80% of your lighting package stay below the hood line for the best results. Zone 3 you can feature as much light as you want, but only if you balance this relative to your other zones. Zone 3 should be significantly brighter than Zone 1 and Zone 2, but make sure your Zone 3 lights don’t wash out your spot lights.

Dust/Fog lights
Our Lighting Zone System begins with Lighting Zone 1, which helps illuminate near-field distances. The wide cornering pattern of Zone 1 LED fog lights provides you with lighting that cuts through the dust, fog, and other particulates that can occur in both inclement weather conditions such as snow, rain as well as dusty off-road trail areas. Our Zone 1 LED lights spread light horizontally, providing close-range safety lighting. Zone 1 lighting placement is directly in front of your vehicle and is mounted low on the bumper. This LED fog light’s low placement eliminates the glare that can reflect back at you. Our LED fog lights in Zone 1 shouldn’t be mounted or aimed too high. Unlike mid-field or distance LED lights, dust, and fog lights don’t necessarily need to be very high powered — a little goes a long way. Zone 1’s lighting is to identify objects in dust and fog, which lower-powered lights are ideal for. The lighting pattern in Zone 1 should have a minimum vertical field. Amber fog lights also help to reduce glare and minimize reflection.

Reversing lights
This is the reverse or dust light zone. Being seen is almost always as important as seeing when driving at night. From off-roading at night to pulling out of your driveway, people are only able to react to what they can actually see. Using a dust light can help mitigate the risk in low visibility situations. Zone 8 for reverse or dust lights use two completely different locations but share one common direction; facing rearward. Reverse lights are typically mounted under or inside of rear bumpers. Dust lights are mounted higher up on the vehicle such as the roof line, to avoid being obscured as the vehicle angle changes. The intent is to have these lights high above the dust as possible to be the most visible.

Additional information:

  • Warranty 60 months – this covers the first owner and excludes mechanical damage.
  • uService® – Replaceable Lenses And Optics
  • ClearView® – each lamp designed by a team of engineers to perform a specific function. Lenses and reflectors are computer designed and tested in the lab
  • MoistureBlock™ – All lamps are fully water and dust resistant (IP69K). They can also be submerged to a depth of 2.5m.
  • CopperDrive® – the only LED lamps on the market that are designed for continuous operation at maximum power
  • 5000K Daylight – natural color light prevents eye fatigue.
  • Lenses: made of coated and durable polycarbonate
  • Lamp housing: made of anodized aluminum and powder coated
  • Frame: CNC-cut from aluminum with special groove for O-ring seal
  • Mounting kit and screws: stainless steel
  • Built-In Overvoltage Protection protects lamp components in case of unexpected voltage increase
  • B.M.T. – a unique battery protection system. The lamp power is gradually reduced when the voltage starts dropping below 13.5V without dimming or blinking. In addition, an intelligent short circuit protection system protects the vehicle installation
  • IK10 – highest impact resistance

Additional information


10", 20", 30", 40", 50"

Light pattern

Driving Combo, Spot, Wide Cornering, Wide Driving, Work/Scene


Amber, Clear

Chassis type

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Lift height


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